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An ongoing documentary project.

The Heartbeat of the Hills...

The Ozark hills surround me, dictating the rhythm of life here for my family and others who call this region of America home.

Clair Gorton and his daughter trek through thick, green pastures to bring in their organic dairy cows for milking at 2 a.m. and 2 p.m., every day of the year, providing raw milk for the community. Mary Scott tags the ears of the yearling sheep she raises to make handspun wool products to sell. Kali Brasel goes through the checkout line at the 100-year-old Hudson’s grocery store near downtown Harrison on “Banana Wednesday” with her two children in tow. My kids jump out to play with the neighbor kids when we swing over to return their dog, who has made his daily trek to our house. The cadence of the hills moves us through our lives here as though the ground has a heartbeat that it has instilled in us.

I am working on a 10-plus-year project called “Ozark Life,” which highlights the relationship that our family and surrounding communities have with the land. From my perspective as a mother raising two children here, I strive to give an intimate view into the everyday as we see it in the Ozarks, not only for the history books, but also in hoping to lay a bridge for understanding the rural way of life in present-day America.