Terra Fondriest Photography | Montana: 'In the Bob'
Created 19-Nov-14
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This is a collection of photos I took while working in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana for two seasons (2008 and 2009) with Salmon Forks Outfitters. I was a wrangler/cook/anything else that needs to be done - hired hand. And I carried my Canon ae-1 (film camera) along for the ride. I've tried to choose photos that not only show the beauty of the country we were in, but the camp life and camaraderie that accompanied it, being 20 miles into the wilderness. Each photo has a detailed caption and story if you click on it separately. The slideshow is set up with classical piano music to make the best of your viewing experience!
ApacheApache Goes SplashAppaloosa in the BobLet Me OutWildfire ScarsWildfire Scars IIBuster's TailBuster's SecretEvening GrazeCampfireCorral LifeCrossing DownriverOutside the CorralMorning CorralDust and ShadowsFoggy MorningGnarly RootsIcy CreekHorse KissesBig Salmon Inlet

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