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Summer Highlights

July 12, 2014  •  13 Comments

Photos from our summer thus far, categorized extremely logically, by subject.


1.  Photos involving puddles.


Dropping an offering to the puddle gods:


Two cousins about to create some serious puddle havoc:


Two different approaches on how to get wet.


This is more like it!


Amelia's friend taught her how to do the donkey kick, so now it get's tried everywhere...


A girl and her cat.


Saving tadpoles from a drying puddle on the road.


Dad and Amelia, unbeatable teamwork:


2.  Photos involving Tadpoles (and not puddles).


We collected 20 of them on June 16th:


This was taken on the 17th, and on the 18th the puddle dried.


We were down to 6 by the time they sprouted legs (and 4 were finally released into wild...or got accidentally eaten by the chickens...however you want to look at it.)


July 5


July 7, the release.


3.  Random Portraits.


Amelia's sweet friend 


My cave girl


My carefree girl


Our family walking down the road in the evening.


Xena, after a rain.


Tim with grass that he was using as a toothpick.


A random dog in the windshield of a minivan in the Walmart parking lot, in the morning.


His doggy close up:


4.  Photos involving Henry getting or being wet.


He's a splash master in the pool.


And at the river.


It's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it.


On a side note, ever try to fit a large river rock in your mouth?  Henry has.


5.  Photos involving Xena jumping into Uncle Denny's pond.


Bullet's scrappy.  She jumps in after Xena almost has the stick back to shore and tries to steal it.  Amelia prepares to run from the soon to be shaking wet dogs.


Mid-air Xena



To be this excited over a stick...oh, how I love labs.


6.  Photos involving Xena, that do not include water, and aren't really considered portraits.


Standing on the big moss patch.


Hanging on the hammock, horizontally.


Hanging on the hammock, vertically.


Getting scratched on the ear from neighbor, Will, while on the hammock.


Hanging with hen.


7.  Photos involving Uncle Denny's waterfall.


The cousins on another water adventure.


8.  Photos taken during the night.  (Wow, this blog is starting to get long)


3:31am, 5s exposure, lit with flashlight.


3:09am, 10s exposure, inside the chicken coop with flashlight.  


3:09am (different day), 15s exposure on near full moon night.


3:35am, 30s exposure.  Cassiopeia (and trees painted with a flashlight).


2:53am, 20s exposure on almost full moon night as fog filled the valleys.


12:55am, 30s exposure, insert howl.


9.  Uncategorized category.


Ever see if you could fit in between the storm door and the front door?  Me neither.


Giving a leaf to Henry, while moving.


Walking amid genuinely, authentically, really real crop circles at Mary and Cd's.


Standing by sunflowers.


Bubbles on the grass.


Praise the rooster.


Our ferret-cat.


Embracing Summer


A sunflower and a dog.


Tim teaching his nephew how to skip rocks at the river.


Crazy galls made by a Grape Tube Gallmaker.


10.  Artsy fartsy photos from our visit to Sod Collier Homestead on the Buffalo River.


Through had hewn logs...there was a little girl with golden hair.


She stoodeth there, looking out the cracks.


And poked through a hole in the floorboards of the old smokehouse with a stick.


The mother white oak standeth tall.


11.  Lastly, picking huckleberries in our woods.


With sunlight filtering through the oak and hickory trees in the morning.


Remember this blog about how we burned our forest in the fall of 2012?  


Well, a couple years after a burn, the huckleberries are everywhere!


Ready to be picked by princesses across the lands.



Alright....that's it.  that's all I got fer now.

Except this one that never got posted from spring.


Hafe a save July everyone!  Adios Amigos!

Thanks for visiting!

It was fun!





Cheryl Heath(non-registered)
As always, love the stories you tell with your photos! Thanks so much for sharing. I've sent you an email with the "Xena" photo which turned out to be a great birthday gift---thanks!
this one might be my fav! Good job Terra!!
Lillian Wenger(non-registered)
As always such remarkable pictures. I love your captions. It's fun to see what keep you all busy.
What wounderful pictures!! I always look forward to seeing them. Thanks for sharing.
Fabulous - I felt like a kid romping through summer! Thanks, Terra.
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