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Our Whirlwind Trip

September 29, 2013  •  6 Comments

We arrived home to a garden full of fresh (and some rotting) veggies last weekend after our whirlwind two week trip to the north-country of Wisconsin.  

Time to make some grilled veggie...


Caramelized onion (and balsamic rosemary sauce)...


Bacon (and asiago)...




Yum.  Now that we got that out of the way, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos from our trip.


We started off by stopping in Hermann, MO for a few days while Tim did a Tough Mudder race with his gang of rebels.


It was our third time staying at a great bed and breakfast nestled on a private lake...


Which has gotten more and more enjoyable every time we come.  This is my brother out rowing.


And here is Amelia showing Tim how to row better...


We had a relaxing time.


On into the evenings.


We visited the town of Hermann for a bit too, which is regionally known for it's wineries.  Which, of course, provide rows of grapes for toddlers to run and hide in.


And live music for crazy toddlers to dance to.


The tour of the cellars at Stone Hill wineries was fun as well.


I'd enjoy taking a tripod down there for some non-blurry photos :)


But here's a glimpse anyways...


Hermann is a town full of fun, life, character, and German culture.  I'd recommend it to anyone for a beautiful weekend getaway along the Missouri River (especially during one of their many festivals).


Post Hermann, we headed through IL to visit with family and friends.  Here is a photo from Mamacita Maria's colorful porch garden.


Her tropical flowers smell so lovely.


And then onto Milwaukee, WI for the main event.  But, not before stopping at the Milwaukee County Zoo!


Where Amelia got to meet Richard Parker.


Crazy petting zoo goats.


And a western lowland gorilla.


Who seems eerily human when you look into his eyes.


The flamenco dancers were also present, just not performing at the time.


And the peahen lunch scavenging brigade was in full force, harassing the youngest member of our party.


After our enjoyable time at the zoo...


We fancied our little selves up for Aunt Becca's wedding.


It was timeless.


And then we said our goodbyes.


And headed home...to make veggie paninis (see above).

Back to life here in the Ozarks!


Terra Fondriest Photography
As always, I loved reading the comments that you all shared. Robin-sounds like we missed a gem! I will have to pass on the word to the local Milwaukee-ans. Appreciate the detailed remarks Lillian, Joan and Pete, Tim and Michael! And you're right-work (??) question marks-ha!
Robin Ball Designs Blog(non-registered)
Hi Terra,
Once again, great photos! Especially the one where the sweet ones are looking at the water! Hey, I wish I had known you were headed to Milwaukee - my home town. My brother, Richard, owns a gourmet/reasonably priced soup/salad restaurant called "Soup Bros." It would've been fun for your little girl to see all the interesting objects in and around his place - and the food is FABULOUS!
Take care and glad you're home safely,
Again great photos. You got to home fast. I got home Friday and have not even looked at my photos yet. It was so good to see all of you. Keep up the great photos and stories.
Joan and Pete Treis(non-registered)
Terra, the photos are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.
I love the pictures of the food. Images are top notch cookbook quality or easily could
be food network magazine cover pictures!

The critters at the zoo worthy of mat and frame. The lowland gorilla portrait reminds me
of the work of Jane Goodall.

The teeny kids dressed for the wedding celebration, looking out over the lotus lake is adorable.
Pictures of Amelia and Daddy Tim are perfect. And Tough Mudder Tim pic
shows his determination (and a bit of reluctance to jump into the mud muck of
ice water or electric voltage wires).

We love your darling family. Each and every photo is a Kodak moment....
blessed wonderful sweet days captured with your camera!

Keep in touch!
Joan and Pete
Tim Anderson(non-registered)
Wow! Amelia is so big! Can't believe it! The time has long since past when we need to get our rugrats together! Great photos! Keep 'em coming. Miss you guys!
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