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Mary's Little Lambs

January 21, 2013  •  8 Comments





To Your Breed

Your Fleece

Your Clan Be True

Sheep Be True





I can still recite that by heart from watching BABE a million times as a youngster!  Never heard of it?  Here's the real version:



Where I'm going with this is...we visited my friend Mary yesterday in Missouri.

I'm sure you've heard of her...she's the one with the little lambs.



You may remember me mentioning her in a previous blog:


Where I showed her spinning wool...but this time we got to visit the source.




The Sheepies! (as Amelia would say)



Mary's Friends, as she calls them.



And they were friendly...



And soft...



And happy...



And silly...



Kind of like Mary!



Amelia thought it was fun to run over to them...



...however, the sheep didn't agree so much...



Bummer.  She went back to pet ole' faithful...the dog. 



And I snapped a few more photos of the beautiful sheep...







And cute little lambs...





We even put a 'Lamb Cam' on one little guy...see it here on his neck?



Here's a little bit of footage from it:



A little bouncy and erratic...but hey...it was a lamb cam!


Mary showed us her spinning wheel...



And some of the pretty yarn she's spun...



And dyed...



And she showed us her loom...



Where she makes rugs like this one we have at our house made with old t-shirts:



And here are a couple pairs of socks made from her 'friend's' wool...



They are warm and cozy!



It's not too often that a person can see an animal-to-product process all done at one location (and with happy animals)!



What a fun day we had with Mary and her Little Lambs!



Here is her facebook page in case you'd like to bother her about anything such as socks, hats, rugs, or your latest life crisis...






(I love Missouri's county road naming system)



(and little fuzzy lambs.)


ps.  Here's a LINK to a later photo blog about sheep shearing day at Mary's!


Paula Waller(non-registered)
i can't tell you how much i enjoyed these pictures.....well, yes i can :)....you have made time stand still for me as i looked at all the details on each cativative photo...so much i didn't realize about these adorable animals..the process and the love that it takes to create these homemade warm keepsakes was beyond me until you broke it down...mary, what a fitting name-thank you for sharing your sheep farm with terra so she can share with all of us!
Autumn Olsen(non-registered)
I thought you probably used plants. That is so incredibly neat! I can't wait to find my niche in the sustainable, craft making, natural world!
This an answer for Autumn about dyes. I usually use natural dyes. I collect "dye stuff" from all over outside and prepare it and dye it. I.E.: mullen, walnuts, marigolds, elderberries, osage orange - you get the idea, right. Anyway, since it was so dry this past year I was unable to find enough to use to make a dye pot so I used kool aide for a lot of the wool. The yarn in the photo Terra took is dyed with: kool aide (lime green), indigo, Brazil wood and the last one is the natural color. I hardly ever use commerical dyes although it is so much easier and less work but I like finding color in plants I find. It is like CSI of the dye world. If you are interested come and dye with me anytime. I usually start in the spring and dye until the fall or until I can't find anything to use.
Grandma Piercy(non-registered)
That was my lesson for the day. Great stuff
Joan Otto(non-registered)
Can Silversage Horsecamp come and tour the farm. Looks like fun. Amelia is a doll.
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