February: the free 52 project

March 07, 2017  •  6 Comments

Well so far, March has come in with a bang.  We've had our second major storm in the last week and now I am working on this blog without power!  So, I won't make this lengthy before my laptop dies...  

February was definitely a mix of warm and cool.  My freelensed photos below are in chronological order, so it's kind of fun to watch the clothing changes on the kids throughout the month.  And this time, I also have a 'cat section' dedicated solely to Gretchen the magnificent.  Let's see if you can 'Meow' when you get there.

petting zoo goats, the moochers.

_____Cat Section____

____End of Cat Section____

climbing fences has become a very popular activity for her these days...

This is Tina Turner, the chicken.  She is the oldest in our flock, at 5-6 years of age.   

Our peach trees started blooming pretty early this spring, a couple weeks early to be exact. 

And then we end with the last day in February, which was about 80 degrees.  This day ushered in our first major storm of the month. 

And those were my favorite freelensed images from February.  Thanks for visiting, meow, and please hop on over to Christine of Greenscapes Photography's blog to continue on the blog circle and check out her beautiful work for the month.


Judy Piercy(non-registered)
Love The Gretchen Stretch!
Kristin Anderson(non-registered)
Ah, envy of your eye and space as always. I especially love the goats with your son & the mud shots.. So good, Terra!
As always, I adore every single one of your images! The tree climbing, the toes, the chicken feed <3 I got a kick out of your cat section - as you can see from my posts we are big cat people, so I love it. Your kids look like they have such a magical childhood.
Gwen Athman(non-registered)
I love all these. And I am putting my cat at the top of my freelensing list for March! Our orchard trees are about to bloom any day now so your tree photos have me so inspired to get out and enjoy the blossoms.
Katie Woodard(non-registered)
Such a fun time! My favorite is the 4th from the bottom, I love the trees climbing!
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