January: the free 52 project

February 06, 2017  •  6 Comments

Happy new year from my Photography blog :)  I had taken a couple months off from freelensing, but am now back at it thanks to the motivation of my 'Free 52' group of ladies.  I am here to share some of my favorite freelensed images from the month (in chronological order, of course):


A visit to our Buffalo River on a warm morning.

Exploring a bluff shelter with Xena dog and my daughter.

A huge old oak tree our family found while on a hike.

Bullet dog.

My daughter's latest interest in feeding the chickens and making them all her best friends.

And, lastly, another visit down to the river on a warm January afternoon.

And that was January.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look through.  To follow the blog circle, please hop on over to the talented Kristin Anderson's (of Kristin Anderson Photography) blog to see her beauties for the month.




River in January!!?? So happy to see you back here Terra. Beautiful documentary work as always.
Gwendolyn Athman(non-registered)
I love all of these! It is so special to see images that could be straight out of my life (kids look similar ages, we've got a huge chicken flock, and we play in water year round) and know that someone on the other side of the country finds such similar beauty and magic in life. I'm so happy to be in the group this year :)
So, SO good! Once again, I can see our kiddos (and us) hanging out someday haha. The chicken + river photos just speak to me. So glad your in another year, yay!
Great work, Terra!
Cristina Navarro(non-registered)
I want to go down to the river now. So beautiful!
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