May: the free 52 project

June 01, 2016  •  5 Comments

May has been the month of our tadpole puddles.  We found the gooey strings of toad eggs on the bottom of a mud puddle on our road at the beginning of the month, and by the end, they were hopping away!  Here are a few of my favorite tadpole puddle freelensed images for this month:


One day after taking that last photo in the sequence, we could barely find any of our tadpoles left in the puddle, but we did find tiny toads hopping all around on the road!

To continue on this month's Freelensing blog circle, please visit April Christopher's blog (Little Trees Photography).


Katie Woodard(non-registered)
These are all so fun Terra, I really love the way the water looks in all of them!
Wow, simply stunning! Who knew tadpoles could be so beautiful. <3 As always, I adore your work Terra.
Kristin Anderson(non-registered)
I am so smitten by these! Love the adventure you've captured. I also love that you did them all in BW!
These are so cool! I want a tadpole puddle!!! That last image of the tadpole on her nose is fantastic!!!
Renee Barth(non-registered)
These are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. They'd look great hanging as a group in a gallery ;)
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