April: the free 52 project

May 01, 2016  •  6 Comments

Freelensing in April...here's my month at a glance.

(And for those of you new to the word 'freelensing' (like I was a little over a year ago), it's where you unscrew the lens from your camera and then take your photo...giving these photos that blurred look you will see.  I am part of a year long group freelensing project where we are trying to improve our skills with this technique and blog our favs each month.)


Out to the woods to mushroom hunt...

Attempting to wash car and then getting held hostage by 2 year old with hose...

Sheep fun with Mary and her little lambs

What's a day without visiting the mud puddles?

Our meat chickens that are now in heaven/the freezer/our bellies.

An awesome paddleboarding clinic put on at Buffalo River by Gabriel Gray.

The Ole standby...swinging.

Back porch with Grandma.

More mushroom hunting...

And an awesome concert at Buffalo River by National Park Radio

To continue on our freelensing group's monthly blog circle, please check out Katie Woodard's work!!


Debbie Shimek(non-registered)
Looks like an amazing month! Great pictures.
Your b+w processing is amazing! Loved your collection...my faves were the swinging ones. :)
I always love your photos to pieces, Terra! Our country kids would definitely get along, I think. :)
kristin anderson(non-registered)
I swear your life looks like SO much fun! I envy the childhood your children have.
Katie W(non-registered)
What fun Terra! That concert photo is gorgeous, the Paddle Boarding looks so fun, and is that a house right in Gramdma's back yard? How cool!
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