March: the free 52 project

March 31, 2016  •  6 Comments

Spring is in full force here in Arkansas, the trees are budding and the noses are dripping.  :)  Throughout the month, I've practiced freelensing with my larger lens (it's a 24-70mm), so there aren't as many light flares as I usually get with my 50mm, but I love how much more of a scene I can incorporate into the photo.  Here we go:

1.  The zoo on a cloudy day (by myself...because there's no way I could walk around freelensing while chasing the 2 kids ha!)

2.  The kids and Spring

(and don't be alarmed here, my daughter had just put this lizard to sleep on his back...he's alive!) 

Thanks for visiting this month!  To continue on the 'free 52 project' blog circle, please check out Tracy Jade Photography's amazing work!!


Tracy Koflanovich(non-registered)
I love your processing on all of these! And the last one of the foggy landscape...gah!
Katie W(non-registered)
That snake! You zoo photos are beautiful and that last one of the fog is stunning. Love them all!
Lisa Smith(non-registered)
They are all so great but the lizard amongst the dandelions is my favorite :)
Kristin Anderson(non-registered)
Gah, I love how soulful these are! Beautiful imagery, Terra!
Ahh, just gorgeous! The foggy valley, and the zoo photos are my absolute fav. What a treat it must've been to go alone, haha :)
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