February: the free 52 project

March 01, 2016  •  9 Comments


Another month has whizzed past us and it's practically Hello Spring time.  With as fast as time flies, I'm happier that I committed to doing this freelensed blog for the next year.  It's forcing me to sit down and analyze my photography more and place these memories into a story, where unfortunately, they would otherwise be sitting in file folders on my computer, slowly to be buried by more photos each month and year.  So, here is a snapshot into our month, all taken using the freelensed technique I am working on.


With some colder days to work on window art,

And warmer ones to get the crocuses blooming,

February came with it's beautiful winter sun. 

Lighting up our house after midday naps,

Filtering through the reindeer lichen on a morning hike,

And finding last year's dried wildflowers along our road. 

We just couldn't hide from it's radiance, and didn't want to,

Well, except for Mrs. Brahma.  (Don't worry, we will let you keep your eggs for now)

Another day, brings another sunny afternoon of playing in the house after a nap,

And then, really playing.

A hike to the secret hideout with Xena dog for a bit,

And then ANOTHER beautiful day, time to visit the zoo and it's peacocks. 

Then home to see that the daffodils have opened during the sunny day. 

More adventures on our dirt road, finding fossil rocks,

And home to play in the garden while mom begins getting it ready for spring planting.

While the chickens are out grazing, the dogs get confined to the yard because they are enemies of the poultry. 

Gathering parsley for dinner,

And good swings to top off our day. 

The first rainy afternoon in weeks, time to craft,

And wait for that rain to turn to snow, so we can make our first snow man of the year the next morning.

And walk outside to see the daffodils surrounded by snow and ice. 

After the snow melts and a few days pass, an early morning trip to the Norton Ranch is due, 

While the moon watches from a distance.

As the sun rises, I find the pregnant ladies are out in the calving pasture waiting their turn,


For their little babes to be born.

Which brings a smile to everyone's face :)

(And a little something extra too.)

And the month capped off with more good swings,

And a strawberry cake.


Thanks for visiting and sharing in our February.  

To continue on the freelensing blog circle, please visit Kathy Ledbetter's (of KG Ledbetter Photography) blog to see her beautiful work from this month.


Renee Barth(non-registered)
WOW! I love the story you managed to capture in all of these.
Debbie Shimek(non-registered)
Beautiful! Never saw the lichen before. I love the pictures of your kiddos. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!
Kathy Ledbetter(non-registered)
Oh, these are fantastic!! Love how you capture your kiddos! And the lens flare and warm golden colors are stunning!
Beautiful images. Such amazing captures of your day to day life :)
I'm just in love with all of these! The kiddos creating on the window and the swinging shots really speak to me!
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