January: the free 52 project

February 01, 2016  •  6 Comments

Freelensing is a technique I first heard about one year ago (give or take) and have been experimenting with ever since.  It's where the photographer takes the lens off their camera and tilts it in angles ever so slightly to create blur, direct focus, tell more of the story you want to emphasize, or leave more up to interpretation and feeling.  It also can create light leaks, which are fun, moody, sometimes unpredictable and reminiscent of film.

This year, I've joined a blogging circle.  We are working on our freelensing technique and then sharing our favorites each month.  I'm excited about this group and looking forward to practicing all year!


Here are my January freelensed favorites:


The blog circle is filled with awesome photographers, please follow the link to Kristin Anderson Photography's blog to check out her work!


April Christopher(non-registered)
Wow, wow, wow! Simply stunning images. It's hard to pick because I love them all, but that last one I just had to stare at in awe for a minute.
Debbie Shimek(non-registered)
The pictures really catch the personalities of your children. They are beautiful!
Katie Woodard(non-registered)
Hi Terra! This is a beautiful set but I extra love the last one, the light is magical!
Kristin Anderson(non-registered)
These are gorgeous, Terra!! Gorgeous moods.
Renee Barth(non-registered)
Beautiful Terra! I love the colors, the light leaks....
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