September: the free 52 project

October 03, 2016  •  4 Comments

The cool mornings of October are upon us.  With that said, here is my freelensing blog post for September:


Thanks for taking the time to scroll through this month's freelensed images.  To follow the blog circle, please check out the totally awesomely amazing April Christopher's (of Little Trees Photography) work for the month.




Oh my, I just love these! The fair, the fire, the rock collecting - I always feel a bit like our families would be good friends when I look at your shots. ;) Lovely images as always, Terra.
I love you beautiful colors Terra!
Kathy Ledbetter(non-registered)
Love the variety of images this month! I especially love the rainbow in the water, the rock organizing and the board painting!
kristin anderson(non-registered)
as always, gorgeous. I love the one watering the garden, in a diaper, & backlit. Print it!
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