In an Ozark Pasture

October 10, 2015  •  7 Comments

Well, it was back in late March (2015) I took these photos at my friend's ranch...and a few days after that I stated how excited I was to be doing an upcoming blog with some highlights.  Well, 7 months later, here it is :)  Tis the life with 2 young children...focusing on any one thing for longer than 1-2 minutes typically doesn't happen!


Disclaimers: No snarky captions, just photos (order is the same they were taken...for the full sunrise effect).  I mixed color/black and white photos.


(And...yes, mom, some of them are supposed to be blurry. :)



Thanks for taking the time to stop by the ole blog, friends and family 




Craig Worrell(non-registered)
Hi Terra,

I just wanted to say that your photos are very beautiful. About an hour ago I was looking through the "photos of the day" in my Nat Geo app and I discovered one of your photos and moments later, here I am enjoying your photo blog. Your story and photos are inspiring and I just wanted to tell you that. Keep sharing your life in images, it's so beautiful.

Terra Fondriest Photography
Thank you for all the lovely comments!
Some great photos. I do miss your comments and I love the one to your mother.
Don't wait too long to post again. Beautiful. As always.
These are wonderful pictures, Terra! Thanks for sharing! (...but...I like the "snarky" comments!)
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