Where you been?

March 23, 2014  •  8 Comments

I would like to tell you that we've been overseas on a month long African safari...with only an all-terrain wagon, an extra large diaper bag, and a green lunch bag to our names...

But, I'm not sure you would believe that. 


Or, I could say that we started a traveling petting zoo, visiting schools all across the south.  It features a freakish donkey.


Just close your eyes while feeding him so that when he bites your finger off, you don't have the image of it in your mind for the rest of your life.

But that's just ridiculous.  

So, here it is.  The truth.


We started a commercial Koi business. 


We desired only the most beautiful, authentic color patterns, so we traveled through every small village in Japan, seeking out nishikigoi.  


Okay, sorry.  I lied.


It was a commercial chicken business.


Specializing in love and tenderness shown to each chicken from birth...


To adulthood.



A commercial cattle ranch?


Even the cows are starting not to believe me.  


A professional Asian lady-beetle interior decorating business?


Really?  This is getting old, mom.


Just tell them.




We've been here.  (no yolk)


At home.




Organizing our toy horses.


Torturing our new baby chicks.


Forging through our (hopefully) last snowy morning.


Sometimes staring off into nothingness...


Having a few dreary days... 


But, mostly sunny ones...


Watching the fires from our porch...


And visiting the sad monkeys at the zoo.


Funny how time flies by.


When you're having fun.


Glad to see you all again.  





Terra Fondriest Photography
Thanks for taking the time to visit, Randy! The zoo pics were taken in Springfield with my Canon ae-1 while you were cleaning my digital at Lawrence!
Randy Smith(non-registered)
I LOVE this blog! So much fun!! Glad you came into the store today and told me to check out your website!
Terra Fondriest Photography
Thanks so much for the positive and inspiring comments all, truly appreciated.
Lillian Wenger(non-registered)
What a great safari and other adventures from your cozy chair at home. Love the black and white photos of Amelia.
Cheryl Heath
I love this!!! A great reminder that the precious moments in life are "in the moment, where you are". And, there's no place like home!
And your black lab, Xena, looks exactly like our dearly departed lab, Jack. Keep up the inspiring work!
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