Monday Morning Chucklers

February 24, 2014  •  12 Comments

Who doesn't like a picture that makes them look twice, and maybe even crack a smile?  The following photos do that to me...thought I would share on this Monday morning....


Learning how to eat cucumbers from your silly neighbor


Every kitten should be smiling!


"Amelia, we don't have dance parties on benches."




A cow with perfectly arched eyebrows...


UPS dropping off a package this past week...


Sylvia, you're really funny when you drink water.


Hi, goofy Boulder!


Mom!!  The chickens are trying to invade the house!  (there's even a tear falling...)


Going a little loony on chicken butchering day...


He's in the teething phase where everything close by gets brought to his mouth...and then this just happened...


A lizard on the front door...jaw droppingly exciting.


Can't a girl get any privacy around here?


Teaching your dog to lead your horse...and then having it trip you...


The face off.


The dreaded wet dog shake!


Xena's under there...


A real live peep show.


A windy day + Tina Turner


Just hangin' out last week...




Terra Fondriest Photography
ha, margaret! are you thinking what i'm thinking? a rendezvous might be in order...
Tina Turner looks like my Keith Richards!!
Terra Fondriest Photography
Wow! Thanks, ya'll, for taking the time to comment. I always appreciate it (and love reading them!)
Cheryl Heath(non-registered)
Love looking at your photos! Genuine, real, entertaining!
Thanks Terra! This was great. Just what the doctor ordered on this very cold day!
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