Extreme Puddle Jumping

February 14, 2014  •  8 Comments

I know we're a little ahead of most of you in the melting-of-the-snow department, so I thought I could pass on an idea of what you might do when the great melt of 2014 begins in your neck of the woods...to really show winter what you thought of it.


Step 1.  Put on your snow boots one last time and take a running start towards an extremely large puddle of melt.


Step 2.  and Land.


Step 3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 until your heart's content.


Think about the polar vortex and how it's done you wrong this winter.


Put all you've got into the ascent...


Then, go ahead and stomp on it's remains.


It might make you feel better about the past few months.



I did this this morning and now I have some muddy clothes to wash....now who is the joke on?
Terra Fondriest Photography
Lillian...it's a yard ornament cup (things that lay around outside for more than a year earn that status) that she was using to scoop dirty water up to play with. And TA, yes...she would have too good a time at the clay pits! Love all your comments as usual :)
Lillian Wenger(non-registered)
What fun for a Amelia. What's with the coffee cup? I hope she wasn't trying to catch the water for a cup of coffee. Terra, great job as usual with your photos.
She would so love the clay pits.
Stomp once or twice or as high as you can count for Aunt Roxy, Amelia! Bring on Spring!
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