A winter afternoon, captured with film

February 02, 2014  •  5 Comments

Remember film?  I miss it.  The last time I had used it was 2010.  

Therefore, my proactive self got my Canon AE-1 cleaned and re-foamed at Lawrence Photo and Video in Springfield, MO.  

And then, my forgetful self proceeded to come home with no film.  

However, my wasteful self still had about 5 rolls in my camera bag that were expired in 2012.  

And, my cheap self thought...surely I could still use that.  

So, I did.  

And, even though the black and white film turned out greenish-y (which it usually does anyway) and the color film turned out yellow-y, it still worked.


...I wanted to capture a few memories of our current life here in film...so here's my black and white roll of 24 from an afternoon and evening a few weeks ago.


"An Ozark afternoon"


"Playin' with the old rootball"


"Releasing the chickens part I"


"Releasing the chickens part II"


"Crossing the road..."


"Standing out"


"Happy to be swingin'"


"Look, no hands!"


"Dinner potential"


"Fences save lives part I"


"Fences save lives part II"


"Playin in the dirt"


"In the garden with a cat"


"Powerline bullet"


"How much is that doggy in the dirty window"


"One, singular chicken"


"Cleaning in advance" 


"The driveway scene"


"Goldilocks and grasses"


"I'm a rooster, hear me crow"


"A rooster and the shadow of a girl...in a swing"


"A black and white sunset...that doesn't make any sense"


"Fun on the big oak burl"


"The real chicken dance"


color film encore:

Gretchen's other, other hiding place...tim's spare truck tire.




"I smell a gretchen..."


the end.




I love black and white. You should do it again. These are great!
What a smiley child you have! Thanks so much for sharing.
I didn't know what a burl was, until this post.
Ma and Pa(non-registered)
Wonderful winter (up north) interlude! At least the power lines hint of civilization. Our long shadows on the snow remind us of your artistic eye.
Cheryl Heath(non-registered)
Great stories you have captured there!
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