Dogs Eating Chips.

January 25, 2014  •  5 Comments


Because I'm going crazy...


Because I need Amelia to want to watch another video besides 'What Does the Fox Say'...


Because I really do think it's funny when dogs eat chips...


We made this short (and extremely enlightening) video this afternoon....


"Dogs Eating Chips"



I will attempt to get a grip on myself before next week's blog. 


But until then, if you haven't seen this horrible (-ly addicting) might want to watch this too:   what does the fox say?


Thanks now I want chips!! hahahaha. very cute and I love you more!! hahahahahaha
Karina Menard(non-registered)
Too funny! I love the way Amelia took such delicate bites. LOL you gotta stay sane somehow! Nice photo too btw
mary jane(non-registered)
So cute! Love seeing Ameilia and you too. Wish I could have spent time with you all. Please come back for a visit. Ameilia keeps you hopping. She is very sociable and Henry is a little sweetheart. Love you all.
You guys are just too cute!!! Thank you, I needed that today....
CD Scott(non-registered)
I got a good chuckle going on this. Love you guys.
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