Newsflash: Giant Stag Beetle Attacks Darbie the Barbie

August 10, 2013  •  11 Comments

While opening the chicken coop door tonight, I noticed this freakishly large beetle staking claim to the lower portion...


"Ahhh!" I yelped.  It was a giant stag beetle!    

Amelia and I decided it would be best for us to take it into custody.  We even gave him his very own rock:


And, just to see what those pinchers could do, we poked it with a stick...and they clamped down.  Those suckers weren't just for show...


Then, we decided it would be best to take him for a ride down to the garbage bin at the end of the road, since that was next on the evening's entertainment docket...

He was offered the best view in the house, but ended up in a ziploc bag due to his ill cooperation with staying put. 


After arriving back at the house, we thought he might want to go for a horseback ride.


Climb on, mister.


He was a natural...


Meanwhile, the sun was setting, so we let the stag catch it.


He grabbed it and swallowed it whole, quite aggressively.  It really wasn't suitable for all viewers, so we won't include those photos.


The sun is no match for our stag.


And really, why just let it rest there?  

We brought him inside to see what Darbie the Barbie thought of ole' stag.

She was having a nice evening camping on the dinner table...Zzzzz...just snoozin' in her tent...and here he comes.


Followed by backup...


She has no idea what's coming.


Darbie popped up out of her sleeping bag, "Help me!  Help me!" she cries..."It's on my arm!"


Little did Darbie know, her nightmare was just beginning! 


He liked her pretty blue eyes so much he ate one. 


Wow, it was getting good, who needs TV when you have a stag beetle.


And then Darbie fainted.  Boooor-ing.


We finally decided to let him go back by the chicken coop, hoping he will think it was all a bad dream.


And that was the end of our Saturday night fun.


Terra Fondriest Photography
Wish I could reply to each comment individually, one day this site will add that option! I enjoy reading all your comments, as usual! And Deb-with Xena's smarts (or lack thereof), I think she would be missing a chunk of her nose after playing with this guy, ha. A little side note too-this beetle wasn't known to be present in our county and is considered 'rare' in the state, so I was able to provide the state with a lat/long and some info. Kinda cool :)
Deb Hagstrom(non-registered)
Where are Bullet & Xena during all of this excitement? Can't believe you let them miss out.
this was creative and and adults both can enjoy the photos with such great captions....i never thought i would see the day that barbie would be photographed with a beetle! thanks so much for sharing...........:)
ps.............i love the barbie tent too!
Who needs violent video games for kids when you have such creatures in your own backyard, ready to ,aim and destroy?
Should stag beetles really be house pets? Great photos, but I'm starting to worry that the countryside is pulling you into a vortex. Time to return to the city where the most exciting critter is a butterfly for a mosquito! I know, boring.
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