Meet Boulder

August 25, 2013  •  6 Comments

Oh, hello over there!  My name is Boulder.  And this is my mom, Lovie.


We were adopted from the Denkai Animal Sanctuary in Weld County, CO and brought here to the Ozarks earlier this summer by my other mom, Rachel (here she is below, riding Twinkie).


I sometimes follow her around like I do my horse mom.


I was born while in foster care in Colorado and took the long ride here when I was only a couple months old.


If it wasn't for the friendly and caring people from the animal sanctuary, who knows where my mom and I would be now, what condition we would be in, or if I would even be alive!


I've made a lot of friends since arriving here on the Norton ranch.


That's Pistol on the left, and Badger on the right.


Pistol's pretty silly, we get along good.  He is trying to teach me the ins-and-outs of photobombing...


I talk to Pistol and Badger all the time...and for that matter, pretty much anyone else who passes by...


There are times when I feel like maybe they get annoyed with all my talking...


But, for the most part, no one seems to mind much.  (This is my extra silly face)...


My mom is always telling others to keep away from me for some reason, but I like to socialize!


She's a tough cookie.


You can see it in her eye...


For the most part, she still thinks I am an angel.  


Which, of course, I am.


Most of the time...


Lately, it's been really foggy here in the mornings.


Almost picture perfect you could say...


Then, the sun comes up and starts to make the fog go away.


We (Rachel and I),  like to run around a little while it's still cool out.


A lot of times my mom just eats when I run around.


She always seems to know where I'm at though, I'm not sure how she does it.


After the sun comes up higher in the sky, we start to brace for the day.


It gets hot here in Arkansas!


Here we are a little later when the temps have reached the 90s...


I'm learning to be tough, just like my mom.


Well, I better be off, but it sure was nice getting to know you!


I'm glad you let me do most of the talking, because as you now know, that's one of my specialties...


In case you want to learn more about the animal sanctuary that helped me get to where I am today, check out their great website:

They not only help animals, but youth as well.  Thanks Denkai for all your hard work!




*Note from Terra (Boulder's interpreter)-I've placed many of these pictures in my Horses gallery and I will donate half of any proceeds from them to the Denkai Animal Sanctuary.


What a beautiful blog and photos!!! Love it!
This and you are wonderful. I'm so glad Amanda shared with me.
Floss Blackburn(non-registered)
Thank you Terra! I have shared your blog on our facebook page, there were so many who rescued these wonderful horses and sponsored them. They will be happy to see them in such a wonderful home illustrated by you!! Wonderful photos! Will also link to you from our website!
Terra Fondriest Photography
Thanks Lillian and Judy! And yes, they are my photos. I always post a credit under a picture if it isn't mine :) The morning fog made for some great photo opportunities!
Are all these your photos? Wonderful!
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