Granite Mountain 19

July 10, 2013  •  4 Comments

Some of you have begun to hound me as to the lack of a blog recently...thank you...I do appreciate that :)

To be perfectly honest...

I've really been struggling to come up with a way to address the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot deaths that happened on the 30th of June.



After 10 days have passed, along with their memorial service yesterday, I still don't know what to write or post.  I can't think of anything that would do a justice to what happened.

This tragedy hit hard with me, my family, and all of our friends in the fire world.  Not only because Tim worked side by side with the guys that died...


(photo stolen from Tim's crew CD-Clay Whitted on left, Nick and Tim on right)


But, because of a lot of reasons...

Like the thought of all the little kids and unborn babies these guys aren't going to ever play with, hug, or see again.

Or, the fact that this actually a whole crew.

And, that it could have been any crew.


I guess, there is a lot to be taken from something like this.  Most of which, I'm not sure of yet.  

But, I do know that I was fortunate to be able to spend this past fourth of July with my family.



And I will think of often...the privilege we have to be able to watch our children grow older.


We will forever be thinking of you Granite Mountain 19-families and friends.


t. fondriest


God bless them all and their families. Thank you, Terra.
Thank you. I can't imagine your pain and emotions.
BobnRose Piercy(non-registered)
Very well done Terra. Many times the best words are the ones NOT SPOKEN. The silence says it all. Our hearts are with them and their families. Love to all!!
Nice job Terra. Thank you.
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