Bird Memoirs

July 23, 2013  •  6 Comments

A little bird wanted me to share his life story, here goes nothin'....

(told in little the 1st bird (does that replace 1st person in this circumstance?))

Here I am on the first day of life, waiting for my mom to come feed me and my sis.


My sister, Fran, she likes to sleep and I wake her up when mom comes.


See, all this waiting for food pays off...I'm already getting a little belly by day 2 (and check out my mohawk!)


And Fran, well, she's still quite the sleeper...but I join her after our meals because I'm so tired too.


Sometimes I just sing songs while I wait for my food, mostly ballads.


Finally, by day 3, Fran decides to join in the quest for mom's food.  We were really hungry, growing all those feathers does that to you.


We are on the verge of opening our eyes, but not quite yet.


All this waiting for food and eating tires us out once again, Fran goes down first, of course.


Then I'm out...resting helps me grow (at least that's what mom says.)


Day 4, I pretty much sleep through this day, all cozy with Fran.


By day 5, I'm about ready to take on the world, Peekaboo i see you!


And poop-a-boo.


And then snooze-a-boo.


Day 6 has brought on some super sweet feathers, and check it out, even my head is getting covered with little ones.




Day 7, just chillin' like the villains we are.  I feel like me and you are really getting to know each other, especially now that I can see you.


You put a twinkle in my eye.


It ended up raining today, see our nest is wet, but we're okay because we're snuggling tight.


Day 8, good morning world!


It was later on day 8 that our bird friend disappeared.


All evidence points to a snake ambush.  I was bummed for our little friend, but I guess such is nature.  At least he was smart enough to ask me to document his life and share his story.  

Here is the location of said nest...behind the chicken coop.


In a little sassafras sprout.


And here was the proud mama.


Good bye little guy!  Maybe you learned how to fly on day 8 and I just missed it!


Robin Ball(non-registered)
ABSOLUTELY great photos!!! Thank you for the sweet documentation, Robin
Terra Fondriest Photography
I was bummed too, they had made it so far!
I'm kind of bummed :(
Such a nice but sad story. Be sure to keep me on your list. Thanks for taking the time to document those little lives.
Terra Fondriest Photography
8 little ones, wow-that would be a full nest...and pretty darn cute :)
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