Baker Prairie

July 18, 2013  •  3 Comments

Last weekend, we visited Baker Prairie in Harrison, AR for a morning walk.  We've lived here for 5 years now and never paid a visit, so why not do it on a 95 degree day?  That's why we went in the morning.  And I strategically carried my camera and snapped photos...looking oh so I didn't have to carry the monster.  see below.



There were a few different flowers blooming...

The big tall showy ones are compass plants:


The pale purple coneflowers had already finished blooming, but they were still pretty.


Hey guys-sorry we missed ya!


Here's the royal catchfly:


And, if I knew my bugs well, I could tell you this guy's name...but, instead, I'll just call him Ski-diddle.


And this guy (on the rattlesnake master seed head)...he can be Fletcher.


Oh, and Bee-bop over here on the blazing star...


And the Bee-bop bonanza on the rosin weed...


And the soft and sensitive, Clyde, cuddled up in the fringed poppy.


Lots of pollinators out, that's for sure!  And lots of crazy toddlers.


Or, maybe it was just the one. (and only).


We'll have to come check out the prairie again sometime when different flowers are in bloom.


You know, spice life up a bit.


Here's a link to the site from the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission that has info about the prairie and directions how to get there:


Adios for now!


once again, Terra, a beautiful post! Loved the flowers, bees, Amelia, Tim, and Tim's shirt!!! No pictures of Mom though.....
Nothing wrong with that gorgeous toddler! Great pictures of the flowers and the pollinating. I will have to use this when I teach that science lesson. Thanks!
Ma and Pa(non-registered)
Absolutely beatiful and thought provoking!! Much Love - keep them coming!
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