Wildfire Randoms

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In preparation for that last blog about putting-out-wildfires, I had uploaded a bunch of wildfire pictures, but only used a few of them. 

Since I haven't really taken any pictures for the last couple weeks, I've decided to just share a few more of those photos this week.

And BTW, Tim's still in CO.  He's been on the Wild Rose fire for the last few days...running into old friends left and right...that's one of the fun things about going out on these large fires, you are bound to know other people there from some other time in your life!


Like, the daughter you thought you had waiting for you back at home...


She's really been the fire's safety officer for the last week.

"Make sure your helmets are on with the chinstrap before boarding the helicopter."


"Don't stand too close to that fire, it looks hot!"


"Ahem, ahem, a little smoke is good for the lungs." 


(Those were from last year's father's day gift :) and and little side story on that...when I had picked up these prints from Walmart to frame for Tim, the worker had them flagged, as it must have been discussed as a possible child safety threat that I would have my 1 year old this close to a fire.  I had to assure her that they were photoshopped.)

The second photo of Amelia was superimposed on the following picture.  

This is Maurice, one of the hardest workers I've ever had the honor to work with.


The next few are from a fire in the Boundary Waters of MN/Canada  








Fires from the the south/southwest...











West and northwest...













And here, just a few random photos from the Bob Marshall wilderness (in MT), and the aftermath of previous fires...

Check out all the dead trees that have to get cleared to keep the trails open (and these are the tiny ones).


Using cross-cut saws...


Riding, hiking, and leading your packstring through these burned areas can be pretty scary on windy days as the burned dead trees are toppling over left and right.


Wouldn't it have been interesting to have manned a fire tower by yourself in the middle of the wilderness for an entire summer?


That's mud lake lookout tower, the last remaining original fire tower in the Bob Marshall Wilderness (23 miles in)...if you make it there, sign the guestbook and read some of the diaries of the original lookouts.


Alright, I will try and post some new pictures one of these days :)  It's always fun to bring out the oldies though.  

Over and out.



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