Turtle Pranksters

June 02, 2013  •  3 Comments

Step 1.  Watch the following and be amazed.



Step 2.  The true Hollywood story.


This (three-toed box) turtle was one of Bullet's victims...found in the woods and brought back to the yard as a play toy.


Which persuaded everyone in the vicinity that it was a play toy...

Exhibit A. turtle petting.


Exhibit B.  turtle poking.


Exhibit C.  The "are you in there?" questioning.


Then, our little turtle had enough.

He saw his only hope.  The large decoy turtle before him.


He meandered around and found his way into the command rig.


And the rest was history.  The wise old (in this case young) turtle wins again.


the turtle can only make progress when he sticks his neck out.....
As usual, love it!!
Ah the things you find when you go outside! Today at our house it was roly poly and mud puddles. :)
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