Why Bees are Really Buzzing...

May 17, 2013  •  6 Comments


Ever wonder why honey bees buzz?  I mean, what's all that buzz about anyway?


Well, every science minded person knows that they are catching up on all the latest gossip (and believe you me, there's no shortage of that back at the hive!)

Let's play out an example, just for fun...and because it's friday night.





















The possibilities are endless!  That was just a small scenario...can you just imagine what they really ARE buzzing about all the time?!  (and don't give me that 'it's their wings vibrating' line, it's so old.)  Newsflash!  Bees are INCESSANT GOSSIPERS.  




Terra Fondriest Photography
Lillian-glad you like the silly story :) Definitely missing MT here!

Your question about the close-ups of the bees-the pictures call for a higher film speed (ISO) and a quicker exposure time (because those suckers are moving so fast!)...and then I adjust the Aperture based on the light at the time. And, I also take the photos in RAWS (which gives me a much larger file than a regular jpeg...think 20MB per photo instead of the 8ish MB of a jpeg), so I can zoom in closer after I've taken the picture and won't lose quality.
How do you manage to get such great close ups? Loved the story, I suppose Amelia thought it up. We are up to 60 and rainy today in Montana, I'm not complaining.
Robin Ball(non-registered)
FUNNY!!!! Love the photos and the buzzn' - really great job!
Aunt Judy(non-registered)
I'm going to listen alot closer to the bees in my garden now. It's time I get the scoop!
Great Grandma Rosemarie-(non-registered)
Just makes me smile and thank you for that-All my love to the very special people in Arkansas
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