Photos de Mayo

May 31, 2013  •  5 Comments

May came and went like a fury.  Both time-wise and weather-wise.  

And, like every month, I took a few folders worth of pictures that are now housed on my computer...unnamed...and unorganized.  

Yes, you aren't the only one with a case of  over-snappy-digital-camera-finger-disorder yielding this file overload issue.  

So, I've taken it upon myself this evening to go through those folders and at least label some of my more favorite pictures.  

And then, I had the idea to maybe share a few while I'm at it...


A visit to the zoo.


Dragonfly larvae getting splashed on by our secret waterfall.


A momentary sunny rainbow break in all the storm action.


Eatin' melon with my dog #1.


Eatin' melon with my dog #2.


Incoming bumblebee to the shooting stars.


A post stormy evening sky.


A crazy dog stick war.


A camera shy lizard.


"The farmer and the goat regarded each other."


A late night moon halo. 


The cinnamon rolls destiny kept telling me to make last weekend.


Stoppin' to smell the flowers.


A carp from the zoo, and the only caption I saw fit for it.


Playing with a...dung ball.


Here's to a more organized June.  Maybe.



Felt I was right there smelling the country air!
Every Photo was great. Love the colors. Wish I could do that.
this was fun....I enjoyed it. would have loved to be part of it but we're not neighbors yet!
Gramdma Piercy(non-registered)
Oh so many good things, cinnamon buns, flowers, clouds and the best Amelia-Thank you.
Stick wars, cinnamon rolls, and smelling flowers. Looks as if you had a great month.
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