Toddler Photography

December 15, 2013  •  2 Comments

I was all prepared to write a post about the pretty sunsets we have here in the winter...

...AND, let you know that I put together a 'winter slideshow' for my homepage.  It's filled with photos of winter sunsets and rural Ozarks life in December...and set to Silent Night (so turn on your speakers).


BUT, something trumped that post:


We had a toddler Christmas party here yesterday.

And while I wouldn't recommend that anyone who wants to remain sane to do such a thing, we all had a pretty fun time!


Well, everyone except the cheeseburger...he wasn't welcome.  


And, as you saw in the first photo, the kids got a big kick out of taking pictures with Amelia's camera.


And, I got to enjoy looking at their pictures after the party!


So, I thought I would share a few of the highlights here...

These two photos (above and below) were taken by Elliot.


And the following was taken by Brandon, an up and coming food photographer.


We caught him doing a close-up on a piece of broccoli!


And even though the camera doesn't fair well for closeups...


It was a fun thing to see...what a creative little man!


Here's his shot of the table (and me in the background getting his picture).


And, here's his mom, Dee.


What a group.


The party was topped off with some delectable cupcakes by mama Sarah.  (the licorice bows fell apart, but they were still works of art)


Tis' the season!



Ma and Pa(non-registered)
Sorry we missed the party! How dressed up - bow tie, very pretty dress and all. Food looked delicious; especially the cupcakes, but the best is the looks on the children's faces!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
mary and cd(non-registered)
love the photos and wished I could have been there to play with the kids, but more important, some of those cup cakes!!!
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