Surreal Skies

December 29, 2013  •  9 Comments

We are fortunate to have an amazing view of winter sunsets from our porch.  I can remember a few evenings that were extraordinarily beautiful, but nothing as colorful as the show we had last night.  Scroll down and experience a 15 minute span of changing beauty...


5:13pm (it starts out looking like just a 'nice' sunset, nothing too special yet)



5:16pm (there were so many cloud patterns reflecting the gold)


We had some good friends staying I tried a few silhouette shots.


This one's got potential as a cover for a 1980s love ballad montage...


...'It Was the Winter of 2013' (the sequel to the Summer of '69)


5:19pm (getting some good purple tones now)


5:19 (zooming into the golds and purples...)


5:22pm (and then pinks...)


5:23pm ( the span of 1 just got plain re-donkulous (as the kids say))


Karina was snapping photos too...


5:24pm (starting to break up...)


5:26pm (three rays peaked out through the pink waves of cloud)


5:27pm (the blue sky starts to peak through)


We all couldn't believe it...what a surreal sky.


And then it was time for the fading sunset got trumped.

Mmmm...homemade curry...I can still taste it.

Double Wowza!



WOW! A sea of colours! Beautiful! Thank you!
Lillian Wenger(non-registered)
You sure caught the color spectrum, what grandeur!!!
So spectacular that it looks photoshopped.
Robin Ball(non-registered)
Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful!!!
Amanda Harford(non-registered)
That is totally ridonculous!! Love the photos. Miss you guys and hope to come see the view soon!!!
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