Silly Christmas Cards

December 08, 2013  •  9 Comments

Ho! Ho! Ho! (and a bottle of rum?)

We got snow here in Arkansas!






Grab your Christmas potato and slap yo mama!




Moving on to the synopsis....It snowed.  We've been excited about it.  I've taken some pictures.  We've also been cooped up as a family for 4 days.  Silly Christmas card ideas were created.  I'm sharing them with you.  Here we go.


Making good* use of a broken Christmas ornament:


Introducing Tina Turner's first Christmas cover (thanks Aunt Judy for naming our chicken):


A chicken spoofing Jingle Bells?  Why not.


Gretchen, the wild snow cat.


If you aren't familiar with the ways of cats...please just scroll past the next mildly offensive photo.


Xena being Xena.  

(she has a plant in her mouth that she ripped out by it's roots due to her excitement over the weather.)


And a classic...because every card collection still needs an option to send to Grandma.


--End of Prized Collection--


Needless to say, we are likely to become millionaires off this collection.  It's always fun summoning one's inner silly.

I would have to say my favorite is the Santa leg...but then again...I'm not really right in the head.

We've had so much fun in the snow, and it's probably going to be around for several more days (insert YAY!)


Meowy Christmas Season everyone!  Remember to watch Nester the Christmas Donkey.






I think you found your new 'home business'. My favorite is Xena and the plant in the mouth!
Carol Bitting(non-registered)
You're so creative!
Robin Ball(non-registered)
LOVE the Santa 1/2 leg card!!! Very clever. Take care and enjoy the snow - Robin
Ma and Pa(non-registered)
Snow in Arkansas is one thing but 8"" + in early December!! Glad everyone is "learning to play - or is it dancing -
in it!"
Aunt Gayle(non-registered)
This is a great blog! Many blessings to all of you this Christmas.
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