Fall Photo Montage

November 04, 2013  •  7 Comments

Peak color has just passed us here in the Ozarks, so I thought a celebration of it's magnificent colors was in order...

Here are my fall foto favorites:


The Buffalo River (Cash Bend).


Windy Days.


Our road.


How much is that stickbug on the window?  The one with the scraggily legs.


Baling Hay...the old skool way.

(these photos were taken at the fall Rusty Wheels show...here's a blog I did highlighting the spring show)


Abstract leaf smear art (using a longer shutter speed).


Swirly Leaf Abstract. (longer shutter speed and camera twist)


Ladybug Invasion.


Turquoise River Water.


The Downward Dog.


The Sidekick.


Stick Wars.




Husband-in-Tree-Abstract (another shutter speed thing...in combo with him being in his deer stand)


Dogwood (the tree and the flower).


The Hills are Alive.


Windblown Toddler Hair.


Sunlit Bluffs.


Leaf Stripe Abstract.


And a Partridge in a Pear Tree (or a stickbug in front of a bunch of trees).


Happy Fall Ya'll!


Joan Otto(non-registered)
Love all the photos. Makes me want to come and live there. Good as always Terra!
Ma and Pa(non-registered)
Absolutely wonderful - always look forward to your pictures and insightful comments. Makes our week! LOVE
Lillian Wenger(non-registered)
Another terrific set of photos. Sure love the cute ladybug.
Aunt Judy(non-registered)
Love them all - especially the swirling leaves and any with Amelia!
Robin Ball(non-registered)
GREAT!!! Love the lady bug - absolutely the most beautiful girl - and the best photo yet! Take care, Robin
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