Our Baby Bumblebees

October 05, 2013  •  3 Comments

With winter approaching, the bumblebees are out in full force, stocking up on pollen from our garden.  


They've been filling the pollen pockets on their legs from our marigolds,




and basil plants.  


A person can get hypnotized watching the flurry of buzzing beetween flowers.


I enjoy photographing them on the marigolds the best, beecause of the beeautiful colors.


See how I'm not pollen your leg on that one?


I plant marigold seeds throughout my vegetable garden in the spring to help ward off pests and invite pollinators, I'm not just winging it.


A vegetable gardener should not beetray the bumbles.


And since we're talking about bumblebees, Amelia thought she would sing a song for you...turn on your speakers and press play for a brief intermission!


So many reasons to bee inspired this fall...


beelieve it or not.


Well, I better bee off beefore I hurt myself on this Saturday afternoon.


Feel free to share your best bee puns below...but please...no buzz kills.


What brilliant and beeaming photos! Loved the solo and duet too. Amelia you are a good singer, well mom too.
Great Ma and Great Pa(non-registered)
Beeeeeeutiful music (and sight) to our ears!!
Love it! Bee-utiful...especially that little girl and her mom singing! Thanks for sharing.
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