An Ozark Bedtime Story

October 20, 2013  •  7 Comments

What to do with my random pish-posh of photos taken over the last couple weeks...create a dreamy Ozark bedtime story?  

Let's see what we can do...


Once upon a time, there was a ferocious cat.


A crazy dog.


A silly mutt.


A brave (and ugly) black chicken.


And an extremely insightful toddler.


They all lived on a farm together in the Ozarks.


Exploring something new together each day.


And always reassuring one another of life's uncertainties.


They stuck together like glue.


And lived off the land by eating ripe persimmons.


And fresh eggs.


They always left time to enjoy water sports, such as sprinkler running.


And pond jumping.


They lived a grand life.


Full of rainbows.


Beautiful sunsets.


And wild unicorns.


It was a real life storybook.  


And everyone always went to bed when they were told.  


Good night. (yawn)


And sweet dreams.


Oops.  I mean, and sweet dreams.


A beautiful story !! I love it and thank you for sharing a little bit of your farm life with us.
Lovely! Think I'll read it at night,too!
Robin Ball(non-registered)
Terra - Another great blog with FABULOUS photos - esp the sunset. Hope you're feeling well. A few more days... Take care, Robin
I love bedtime stories. This one was fun and it made me tired.
A grand life indeed!! Love it! Wish I was there with all these characters...
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