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January: the free 52 project

February 06, 2017
Happy new year from my Photography blog:) I had taken a couple months off from freelensing, but am now back at it thanks to the motivation of my 'Free 52' group of ladies...
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October: the free 52 project

November 04, 2016
Well, October has not not been busy. I think most families and photographers can relate to that! I've photographed 3 events for Buffalo National River this month to culm...
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September: the free 52 project

October 03, 2016
The cool mornings of October are upon us. With that said, here is my freelensing blog post for September: Thanks for taking the time to scroll through this month's f...
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August: the free 52 project

September 01, 2016
Oh August, how you flew by. Here are my freelensed memories for this month...categorized by days from my '100 days of summer' project. Day 67 Day 67a Day 67b Day 67...
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July: the free 52 project

August 01, 2016
Happy beginning of August! Time for another fun share of this month's freelensed favorites as part of the Free 52 Project with a group of talented lady photographers. Sin...
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June: The free 52 project

July 02, 2016
June has officially felt like Summer. Hot weather, visits to the river and pool, time in the garden....and chiggers:) Thanks to the inspiring Sherri Davis (who is an amaz...
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May: the free 52 project

June 01, 2016
May has been the month of our tadpole puddles. We found the gooey strings of toad eggs on the bottom of a mud puddle on our road at the beginning of the month, and by the...
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April: the free 52 project

May 01, 2016
Freelensing in April...here's my month at a glance. (And for those of you new to the word 'freelensing' (like I was a little over a year ago), it's where you unscrew the...
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March: the free 52 project

March 31, 2016
Spring is in full force here in Arkansas, the trees are budding and the noses are dripping.:) Throughout the month, I've practiced freelensing with my larger lens (it's a...
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February: the free 52 project

March 01, 2016
Another month has whizzed past us and it's practically Hello Spring time. With as fast as time flies, I'm happier that I committed to doing this freelensed blog for the n...
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January: the free 52 project

February 01, 2016
Freelensing is a technique I first heard about one year ago (give or take) and have been experimenting with ever since. It's where the photographer takes the lens off the...
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In an Ozark Pasture

October 10, 2015
Well, it was back in late March (2015) I took these photos at my friend's ranch...and a few days after that I stated how excited I was to be doing an upcoming blog with s...
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Da Bear Chronicles

December 05, 2014
What would make a little girl look so sad and worried like this?? Well, let me tell you a tale of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears... Check out the date and time on the b...
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Fair Week

September 29, 2014
"Hello! Hello! Good morning to you all!" a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, Babe. We were channeling Babe a week ago when it was the Northwest Arkansas...
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Inspirational Thoughts, by Xena

August 03, 2014
Xena (lab extraordinaire) and I have thought of some inspirational ideas this morning, to accompany the photos we've taken at the pond lately......
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